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Dedicated to high-tech gadgets, launched in November 2008. I spent a lot time reading about gadgets, gizmos and other consumer electronics but were missing a site that covered them in a brief way. So, I decided to start my own blog writing about the stuff I love. The aim is not to write in depth articles, the goal is to keep updated in a wider range and link to the sites where a full article is written about the gadget.

The mission is to write news, on a daily basis, about the latest gadgets out there and will cover almost everything within the category consumer electronics. was launched in November of 2008. If you think that there is anything that we have missed to write about please drop us line.

If there are any gadgets, gizmos or toys that you think are missing on, please let us know by sending us an e-mail on the address below.

info [at] gadgetsarefun [dot] com

Have a nice time and thanks for reading!

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