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The high-tech electrical motorcycle Mission One produced by Mission motors. Mission One has a top speed of 150 mph and its range is 150 miles. You charge the battery full in 2.5 hours in a 220V outlet and 8 hours in a 110V outlet.  The first Mission One motorcycles will hopefully be delivered during early 2010. The first year production will be 300 units and the first 50 units will be offered as the Premier Limited Edition version at a price of $69,000. Lots of money, but its really a piece of hi-tech motorcycle.

The story of Mission One began with Forrest North that first dreamed of building an electric motorcycle when leading the Stanford University Solar Car Team in 1998. He joined Tesla Motors in 2005. Tesla Motors had a simple vision: build an electric sports car without compromised performance. By using lithium-ion batteries that were lighter and cheaper, the Tesla Roadster changed the meaning of electric cars. Edward West, Mason Cabot and Forrest North, the three founders, began building the vision for a new type of motorcycle company.

Click below to see a video of Mission One Electrical Motorcycle

Source: Mission Motors


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