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Rovio Wi-Fi Robot

You can use Rovio Wi-Fi Robot to keep an eye on your home while you are away on vacation. Since the Rovio Robot features a Wi-Fi connectivity you can control it´s movements, camera and audio from anywhere in the world, all via the Internet. This feature alos lets you use any web accessible device such as a PC or mobile phone.

Rovia Wi-Fi Robot with the head-mounted camera up

When Rovio Robot is about to run out of batteries there is a self dock option that automatically will send Rovio back to its charging dock at the touch of a button.

The Rovio Wi-Fi Robot features:
- NorthStar Navigation System
- A built-in rechargeable battery
- 3 omni-directional wheels
- 1 VGA cmos sensor
- LED for night time illumination
- Speaker
- Microphone
- USB connectivity
- Wi-Fi connectivity

Meet Rovia Wi-Fi Robot

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