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Last night I had the fortune to test drive the new electric car – Th!nk city. What a great pleasure! To be honest, I was quite sceptical before I got the chance to crank the car up but very soon I realized that the Th!nk city is actually a very nice little gadget car.

You might wonder what the Think city got to do in a gadget blog and the answer to that is that Think City almost reminds me more of a toy gadget than of a car.  

The actual car that was tested

The electric car is produced by Think, a norwegian company. The first prototype to modern Th!nk city was developed in 1991 and the modern version is the 5th generation vehicle designed by Think. The car was put in serial production in 1999, supported by American car company Ford.

Below is a full review of Th!nk City made by Electric A!D

Source: Th!nk

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